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MUSEUM MEN follows a team of re-creators as they build historically accurate museum relics and displays for clients around the country.  It also showcases the historical stories related to the objects, people and eras being recreated, with each episode culminating in a finished exhibit display.


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SWAMP HUNTERS follows the Taylor clan, a group of burly, loud and proud rednecks, who hunt for relics in the swamps around their home in Southern Mississippi.  Their swampy hunting grounds are loaded with valuable finds from the days of the pirates, the civil war, and voodoo ceremonies, and each episode finds the Taylors braving snakes, boars, gators and rival relic hunters in the quest for historic finds that could land them big money.



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“Diagnosis Unknown” tells true stories of near death situations, where the medical establishment is baffled by the case, struggles desperately to find an answer, and ultimately makes the diagnosis that saves the patient’s life.


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Mystery Diners shadows a group of undercover operatives as they go into restaurants, bars and food service establishments to find out what is really going on when the boss is not around. When a restaurant owner gets complaints about the food, service or environment, it's time to call the Mystery Diners!


T GROUP is a premier Reality Television Production company. We develop, sell, produce and license shows and formats domestically and internationally.


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T Group is acknowledged as one of the top 100 Global Production Companies by Real Screen for the second year in a row.


06-02-14 T Group's SWAMP HUNTERS now on CMT!

05-30-14 British version of STORAGE HUNTERS to be produced for UKTV!

04-17-14 Jenny Daly - Reality TV Badass!

03-31-14 T Group's HOUSE OF FOOD on MTV!

04-03-14 She's done it again! Jenny is one of Hollywood Reporter's top reality player of 2014!